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The diagram shows a selection of vertical construction blocks designed specifically for applications such as vertical columns and support structures.

Often with current conventional methods, the need for shuttering and steel reinforcement, wet concrete pouring, waiting for the concrete to set and dismantling the shuttering, is a time consuming process and can take days even if weather conditions are favourable. This extremely time consuming and expensive process can be reduced considerably simply by using the Aquacast method of vertical construction blocks.

Our system utilizes an ingenious vertical guiding support in the centre of each cast – steel tube or cage – that can be used as a reinforcing material if needed. One simply assembles the blocks with the slots interlocking in opposing directions around the guiding support, and continuation of this action will immediately form a uniform and rigid vertical structure rising to the required height.

The blocks are manufactured in various standard sizes and designs for various uses but can also be easily custom manufactured to suit any specific requirement you may have.

This method is very fast and can redefine costings for time and materials savings of up to 50% can be achieved in some cases.

Other advantages of this method is that the construction can take place below water level – rising above water level as needed. Further blocks can be added to, or taken away from, the original structure at a later date if required. Concrete mixture can also be used in the centre holes or between the blocks to form a permanent rigid structure .