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British Waterways
Canal Maintenance Products

British Water way currently uses wooden planks for the purpose of dewatering canal locks in order to carry out maintenance work on the lock gate etc. This is an old and proven method that has been used for years, but with one exception, the wooden planks are extremely difficult to assemble and extract due to saturation with canal water.
Taylor panels named after Mr Peter Taylor, a British Waterway canal supervisor in the Ashby canals region without obligation he requested Aqua cast to design a replacement method superior to the old wooden planks system.

Aqua Cast International designed, patented, developed and tested a series of interlocking aluminium frame panels, easy to handle, faster to assemble, strong to withstand water pressure force (standards). Sizes are approximately 8 feet long 1.8 meter long x 2 feet high 600 mm x 75 mm
The panels are fabricated from a strong aluminium square hollow section and cased with aluminium sheet metal. Also fitted with four strong lifting handles that have a dual function of easy lifting and locking guiders when panels assembled .The panels are supplied with rubber seals to retain water when assembled in canal lock channel rails.

They are equally symmetrical can be used and inter lock in any given order, this means no complicated instruction or skill labour is required for assembly and no assembly tools are required all panels are fast interlocking press fit
Suitable for canal and locks de-watering and flood defence.
Morton Cage (Demountable)
Rather than continue to use scaffolding companies to erect platform in the lock. When work maintenance is required, Aquacast designed and patented the cage to British standard safety factor and developed this cage specifically for the use in British Waterways canal lock maintenance.

Made from strong, light aluminium tubing that can be pressed and assembled on site in ten minutes without using any tools. It can be suspended in the canal lock up to the lowest water level and to the bottom of the lock using extra pressed extension panles, capable of taking the full weight of three operators and their tools to carry out full maintenance of the canal lock walls and gates.

The added advantage is that the cage is mounted on break lock wheel that will allow the operators to travel from one end of the lock to the other without dismantling the cage giving easy access to all parts of the lock.

The cage has two side ladders for easy access, and a light non-slip aluminium mesh working platform. Optional extra long platform panels for the use in wider canal locks and can be assembled at the top of the cage to form a crossing bridge. Connecting both sides of the lock, fitted with two light side panels for security that can be moved to either side when working on the lock or cleaning the lock.

The cage can be assembled on dry land and has many other versatile applications when form a mobile vertical tower. It can be used for the repair or maintenance of buildings. It is easily dismantled and stored in minutes.