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Recycled Material
The prime material used is concrete, reinforced by one or two single U-shape steel bars that are embedded around the slot locations.

In an effort to aid the environment Aquacast is developing new ways of utilising waste materials and reduce the need for landfill sites. We are currently experimenting with: crushed aggregates, glass, plastic and rubber. These waste materials can be successfully used – depending on the required use. Recycled materials such as power station ash, crushed aggregates, glass and recycled rubber. These waste products can be successfully used - depending on the requirement.

Various finishes, including stone and brick are possible, to harmonise with environmental needs.

A further environmental feature is that the designed slots in the blocks form cavities which can be either filled or will encourage vegetation growth when filled with soil.

Ease of Use
The most popular size of block with a wide range of applications is the 400 x 400 x 100mm. This size has proved useful for retaining walls, for river and canal bank reinforcements, landslides, sea defences and traffic partitions. The block weighs 35kg, which puts it within the health and safety limit for a two man handling operation without the need of machinery.

Whatever size block is required, lifting sockets are provided in the casting to make machinery lifting easier in waterlogged land, canals and rivers. Due to the flexible pre-cast nature of the design, precise location is easily accomplished, even on constructions
starting below water level.