Our Revolutionary Solution
Our new revolutionary and fast construction method can offer you complete solution including project management. starting from first site inspection and surveys to manufacturing and final construction.

We have a proven records of satisfaction on projects that are already completed for the u.k local authorities and commercial enterprises commendation for work achievement in record time solving problems that other system could not do .

Our service is backed by fully experienced geotechnical structural architectural, and civil engineers specialising in all aspects of water management and earth movement .

Our company with its authorised partners have a combined range of technology and can offer you the best professional expertise armed with generation years of experience to be at your service were ever you are in the world prompt attention for you enquiry without commitments or obligation so try us now for the proof .
Product Information
Aquacast International has developed a revolutionary system of interlocking concrete units in a variety of formations and sizes. The units are suitable for a wide range engineering applications including combating coastal erosion; the construction of retaining walls; harbour, bridge and jetty formations; land reclamation.

Aquacast units are patented and manufactured in accordance with specified British standards, having been subjected to rigorous testing at all stages of development. Each formation is designed for a specific purpose, depending on the nature of the problem, allowing Company engineers to determine the most suitable product from the variety of available formations. We will offer advice and expertise if required.

The units are pre-cast and designed for flexible, demountable application using the latest piling technology; this facilitates the precise location of the units and efficient use of both time and materials. Other products available on the market have considerable disadvantages: Free-laying interlocking casts with short pivots requires substantial preparation and relies on mass quantity of use to be cost effective. The alternatives are concrete pouring and stone lying; both of which have the drawbacks of high cost; wastage of man-hours and materials. On many construction sites, difficulties can arise due to bad weather conditions or wet and waterlogged grounds, especially in coastal areas where the tide dictates the working hours. Such conditions can delay completion targets. Aquacast units can be assembled easily and quickly in almost any weather conditions with minimal ground preparation and man power, making it a cost effective option whatever the scale of construction.

Materials Used
Aquacast products are designed for minimal material wastage. The primary ingredient in Aquacast product is a reinforced concrete mixture and units can be manufactured with a degree of design flexibility which accommodates most environments, ie: textural finish. We are also currently experimenting with the possible use of incinerated products and recycled materials for some applications.
Determining the mixture and consistency for the pre-cast unit is a task that relies on the environmental locations; the loads expected to be incurred, and the finish required for the particular application.

The pre-cast nature of design, combined with the latest piling technology and interlocking units makes the product resistant to earth pressure, settlement and turnover forces, giving a longer lasting life span.

  • Easy to assemble and self locating/ Work can be accomplished from one side if necessary
  • Simple engineering design/ Suitable for both heavy and light loading and various applications
  • Environmentally sound/ Can be made with various finishes and textures
  • Strong and rigid interlocking assembly/ Resistant to earth pressure and turnover forces, giving a long life span
  • Extra casts can easily be added to the existing structure
  • Pre-casting takes place away from the worksite, thus is unaffected by weather
  • Blocks can be prepared in advance for the work required
  • The production of the casts can be very precise
  • The finish of the blocks can be very fine if required
  • Pre-cast concrete blocks can replace formwork at the site
  • Transport of the blocks to the site is easy as the measurements are not large
  • No waiting for poured products to dry/ Relying on the slot and uniform shape of the design, a self-locking and interlocking action is achieved with reasonable accuracy, in or out of waterlogged ground, or in extreme weather conditions.

Water Management & Reservoirs
Aquacast offers fast construction and demountable concrete blocks with a water retaining membrane, currently manufactured by C.V. Buchan of Norwich, leaders in the field of water retaining concrete structures and sole authorised manufacturers for the UK and Northern Ireland. The W and V block fast-erection-application can be used for demountable water reservoirs in a relatively short period of time. Water can be diverted from a high pressure- point, for example: rivers, canals, and high tide areas, and stored on a temporary basis to prevent flooding. Other water management programmes include agricultural applications such as fish farming, leisure pools and garden ponds. The blocks can be dismantled and stored for re-use in other locations or on an annual basis as and when required.